There are probably loads of questions you might have about the game, so we've put together a list of some of the ones that people have asked.

The Game

  • add_circle_outlineWhat is the point of the game?
    Good starting question! The aim of the game is to build up the biggest and best town you can. So play the game, open chests, unlock buildings, win money and you'll get there and be as proud as a new parent of your stunning boom town. Plus, you don't have any boring planning permission to worry about do you? Or bribing mayors? Just purely creative fun.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I move around the map?
    Just swipe to move around. A cool feature you might not have seen is if you twist and rotate to see the city from different angles (you can't go the whole way round). Or if you want to get a bird's eye view (and why wouldn't you), use two fingers together and swipe up and down. Cool eh?!
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I know what's on the next level?
    If you tap the level number that you're on in the top left hand corner, you will get a little pop up which tells you in icons what is coming up on the next level. You can see if there is an intersection coming up sooner or later.
  • add_circle_outlineAt what levels do intersections come up?
    This is indeed one of the most exciting bits of the game as this is when you can build four more buildings on a new intersection. This might change, but currently new crossroads unlock at Levels: 3, 9, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34

Traffic Panic Mini Game

  • add_circle_outlineHow do you play the mini game?
    It couldn't be simpler. All you have to do is just tap the screen to turn the lights red or green. You need to get vehicles across the lights without crashing. So you need to time it right to get the traffic moving up the screen, but hit the red light when you think you might crash. It might take a bit of getting used to, but as you get better, you'll be sneaking traffic through the smallest of gaps.
  • add_circle_outlineDoes the game get harder?
    Yes, in the tutorial, it starts off pretty easy and it's not so long. As the game develops, you'll see more and more longer vehicles driving through your city and it gets a little bit harder to earn your coins. Easy to play, a challenge to master - but you're up to that we know.

Expanding Your Town

  • add_circle_outlineHow do I build my town?
    As you get vehicles safely across your intersections you'll win coins and chests. Chests contain building cards which you'll need to collect to be able to unlock and upgrade your buildings. The coins you win actually pay for the upgrades. As you upgrade more and more buildings, you'll move up through the levels and unlock additional intersections. Don't forget, you can make your town your own by adding decorations.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I level up?
    To move up through the game levels you need to place buildings in the For Sale slots around your town and upgrade them once you've collected enough building cards and coins. Has you level up you'll unlock new buildings and vehicles plus, at selected levels, you'll unlock new junctions to increase the size of your town and give you even more chances to earn coins.
  • add_circle_outlineWhere can I see all the buildings I have?
    In the bottom right hand corner, tap the BUILDING button and you'll see a pop-up showing all your building cards. There they are in all their glory.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I upgrade a building?
    Buildings have between 8 and 10 levels depending on their rarity. The higher the level, the bigger and better the building and, the more money it attracts to your town. To upgrade a building, you need to collect enough cards and coins to reach its next stage - you'll see how far you are away from reaching the next stage by tapping on the BUILDING icon in the bottom right hand corner. If you have enough cards to reach the next level, the building progress bar will show a green upgrade arrow. Once you have enough cards and coins, tap the buttons on this screen to build and upgrade.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I unlock new buildings?
    Easy, you have to keep playing the game and collecting cards! Sooner or later you'll find the building you're looking for. Bear in mind too that some buildings are only available once you reach certain levels of the game. You'll see which ones if you click on the CARD icon and scroll down the screen - buildings unlocked later in the game are covered by a shield containing the level number at which they're unlocked.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I move a building?
    It's very simple. Tap on a building. Tap the POSITION icon and then all the buildings will highlight in green. All you've got to do is choose which building you want to swap it with. Don't forget that certain buildings have an affinity with other buildings meaning they attract more coins when placed on the same intersection - check the building cards for more information.
  • add_circle_outlineIs there a way to bring up a building card's information quickly?
    Yes there is, lucky you asked. If you have the latest Apple devices, using “3D Touch”, just hold down your finger hard and the building card will automatically pop up. Bingo.
  • add_circle_outlineWhat are decorations and how do they work?
    Decorations allow you to add an extra personal touch to your town. The game features over 150 decorations including everything from a humble patch of dirt path and a leafy bush; to national flags and a giant fluorescent diner sign. Tap the TREE icon in the bottom right hand corner to view your decoration options and see how much they're going to cost you.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I change my town name?
    Simple. Just tap your town name (BOOM TOWN if you didn't rename your town) at the top and then you'll get the option to change it to whatever you like. There is a character limit and please keep it clean.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I see my friend's towns?
    All you need to do is log onto Facebook and you will be able to see which friends are playing.You can then visit their cities and earn gift chests. Go to the PLAYER PROFILE icon on the middle left hand side to see who's playing and to login via Facebook.


Gems & Coins
  • add_circle_outlineWhat's the difference between gems and coins?
    Gems and coins are the two types of currency in Boom Town. Coins are used to pay for buildings and decorations. You win coins by getting vehicles safely across your intersections. You can also win coins by completing daily challenges, like getting a certain number of a specific vehicle across intersections that day. Gems are used to help you open chests and repair intersections early.
  • add_circle_outlineI don't have enough gems... what do I do?
    That's unfortunate news. Don't worry, if you want to get on with building your town right away, you can head to the Game Store and buy additional gems via in-app purchase. If you have time on your hands, you can win back gems by completing Achievements.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I buy gems or coins?
    It couldn't be easier. To buy gems or coins simply tap the PLUS icon next to your gem or coin balance in the top right hand corner, from there you'll be taken to the Game Store where you can buy coins for gems and gems for real money to help you grow your town.
  • add_circle_outlineCash Van bonuses
    If you play the minigame on an intersection that is low on coins, there's a chance that you may be visited by the Cash Van. Get the Cash Van safely over the intersection and you'll be given the option to boost your winnings (to as many coins as you would have won, if the intersection piggybank had been full) in exchange for a few gems.
  • add_circle_outlineWhat are the chests for?
    Chests are boxes of treasure containing rewards to help you build your town. The fastest way to win chests is by tapping on an intersection and clearing traffic - depending on how well you do, you'll either win a Bronze, Silver or Gold chest. The better the chest, the better the rewards it contains! You can also receive gift chests for visiting towns created by your Facebook friends.
  • add_circle_outlineHow long does it take so long for chests to unlock?
    Above each chest you'll see a time in hours (h) and minutes (m) until the chest unlocks. If you can't wait that long, you can always pay some of your gems to open the chest earlier. Tap the chest to find out how many gems it will take to open.
  • add_circle_outlineWhat are the daily chests for?
    Daily chests are a special gift waiting for you each day you play the game. Daily chests become available every 8 hours and contain cards to help you take a step closer to your dream town. You'll find daily chests in the top right hand corner of your screen counting down until they unlock.
  • add_circle_outlineWhat are Giant, Super, and Supergiant chests?
    In the Game Store you can buy Giant, Super and Supergiant chests. Giant chests contain loads of building cards to help build your town. Super chests contain less cards than a Giant chest but a greater percentage of Rare and Epic cards. Supergiant chests contain the best of both worlds - loads of cards and a high ratio of Rare and Epic cards. Best of all, you don't have to wait for them to unlock - these chests open straight away! So, what're you waiting for?!
  • add_circle_outlineWhat are cards for?
    Cards allow you to build and upgrade buildings. You collect cards by opening chests - that includes chests you win playing the mini-game, as well as gift chests you receive by visiting the towns created by your Facebook friends and chests you purchase from the Game Store. You can also purchase selected daily cards from the Game Store to help you take a step closer to upgrading your building.
  • add_circle_outlineHow many cards do I need to upgrade a building?
    It varies from building to building but you'll be able to see how many cards you need to upgrade to the next level by tapping on the CARD icon in bottom right and then selecting a building to view.
  • add_circle_outlineWhat are RARE and EPIC cards?
    Cards come in 3 types based on the likelihood of winning the card: Common (blue), Rare (gold) and Epic (purple). The rarer the building, the more money it generates at your intersection and faster you'll be able to build your town!
Bonuses & Achievements
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I win the bonus points in the game?
    All you've got to do is to get vehicles through the lights without stopping, that gives you a NON-STOP bonus; if vehicles come close to hitting each other on the way through, you'll get a NEAR MISS bonus and if you get three rows of vehicles across the intersection at the same time you'll get a RUSH HOUR bonus These all contribute to your end of game score, with the maximum bonus on offer being 10% of your total earnings for that game.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do Achievements work?
    Achievements are awarded for completing longer term gameplay goals. Goals include reaching a certain level in the game, collecting a certain number of unique cards and upgrading buildings a certain number of times. Once you complete an achievement, you'll receive a small number of gems. You can see your Achievements progress by tapping the TROPHY icon on the left hand side.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do the Daily Challenges work?
    Daily Challenges offer the chance to win extra coins. You can see your progress with Daily Challenges by tapping the CHALLENGES icon on the left hand side. On the pop-up you'll also see a countdown telling you how much time you have left in which to complete the challenges before they're replaced by a new set - don't let your hard work go to waste, it's time to get playing!
Building Production
  • add_circle_outlineWhat is building production?
    Production means you can invest in buildings and earn coins while you're not even playing Boom Town! Each building can produce 3 unique resources, which are unlocked at different building levels. So for example, at the drive thru, you can invest coins to make sodas, fries and burgers. After waiting the designated period of time, you can collect the coins your resources produce. Tap to add a resource to the production queue.
    Production times happen in real time and vary depending on rarity of the building. You don't need to be actively playing the game to be earning coins and you can opt to speed up production times by spending gems. The reward you collect from production also depends on the level and rarity of the resource, the rarer a resource, the greater the reward it produces!


  • add_circle_outlineHow do I report a bug or crash?
    Well it's a big game and therefore sadly some bugs will slip through the net, but we want to squish them with your help. So if you could email bugs@neonplay.com, we'd love to hear where you're having problems with the game.
  • add_circle_outlineCan you ask any more questions?
    Yes of course. We're here to help if it's a question about Boom Town. We can't solve all your life problems, but if you've got any burning questions, then email help@neonplay.com and we'll do our best to get back to you.
  • add_circle_outlineI've got an idea to make the game better, can I share it?
    Oh go on then. Everyone has got ideas - some good, some bad - and if you think you have a top idea for a new feature or an area where the game could be improved, we'd love to hear about it, so please do email the team on ideas@neonplay.com.
  • add_circle_outlineHow do I give the game a five-star rating cos it's so amazing!
    Well the team have been working really hard to make this game and they would love a bit of virtual love. So please do rate the game and give us as many stars as you feel we're worth. We really do appreciate it and it makes other people play the game too.