Personalise your town with Decorations

From a humble patch of dirt to a giant Diner sign, personalise your town with Boom Town’s range of over 150 decorations.

Top tips for game play

Watch our tutorial and master the art of traffic control for maximum winnings with our top tips for the Traffic Panic mini-game.

Rapid expansion: the store

How do you quickly get your hands on the building cards and money you need to grow your town and unlock new content?

Unlock the secrets of chests

Find out how to open chests even faster for quicker rewards and how to get your hands on Huge, Awesome and Incredible chests!

Playing #BoomTown with your friends

Find out how to see which of your friends are playing Traffic Panic Boom Town and visit their towns to collect Gift Chests.

Top tips for building your town

Find out how to design your town and how to make the most money at intersections through building affinity.

Finding your way around the game menu

In this short tutorial find out how to see what new content you’ll unlock on the next level as well as how to quickly rename your town.

Daily challenges and achievements

Earn extra coins and gems as you play the game and build a bigger and better town with Daily Challenges and Achievements.